torek, 27. november 2012

We don't want to give you an Australian passport

This has to be one of the most bizarre bureaucratic catches. I tried to submit an application for my passport today and it went like this:
  1. Went to the post office and wasted 30 minutes there. Then the lady tells me she's unsure if I can submit the application with just the translation of birth and marriage certificate.
  2. I go home and bring back originals in Slovenian as well.
  3. Second lady at the post office tells me I don't need originals. She just needs translated documents.
  4. She almost submits the application and then realises I changed my name and the name on my drivers licence and birth certificate doesn't match. She tells me I need to get a new Medicare care and a new driver's licence. When I ask her what the point of also submitting marriage certificate is if I also have to have other documents in my name is, she's unsure.
  5. I go to Medicare office and the lady there doesn't want to give me a new Medicare card because I don't have a driver's license in that name.
  6. I'm ready to punch someone in the face by this point.
  7. I request a supervisor at Medicare and she reluctantly agrees to give me a temporary paper Medicare card.
  8. Next stop is Queensland Transport office where the dumb lady spends 15 minutes staring at the original and translated marriage certificate and makes an epic statement that she can't understand anything (on the original that is). She can't give me a new drivers licence because I don't have a Medicare card in that name. They don't accept paper Medicare cards.
  9. I need to wait about 10 days to receive plastic Medicare card then I can ask for a new driver's licence which will take approximately 14 days and then I can apply for a passport.
Great... just fucking great!

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