torek, 03. marec 2009

Credit History #1

I meant to write something on the subject of credit rating, history and the current financial crisis a while ago. At that time I though I might be to bitter so I postponed it for a later time. Looks like I didn't have to wait long for another opportunity to come along to write a bit more about my financial issues which arent't really issues.

I cheerfully went to one of the mayor shopping centres near home about a week ago. If I remember correctly it was Thursday morning. My intention was to go to the post office and hand over company laptop and phone to our new employee. The issue of having to return a phone particularly bothered me as I was unable to find a petrol station that would sell Optus pre-paid starter kits. I got an idea to rather get a post-paid plan for approx $30 a month that would give me better value than a pre-paid and I would never have to bother with recharging it as you can actually arrange a direct debit to pay you phone bill. I found a couple of booths from mobile providers and what I was looking for was a plan that would give me approx. $100 of call and at leat 1GB of data, for less than $40 a month. Offerings from the big names such as Optus, Telstra and Vodafone were dull and I would have to sign up for an expensive plan to get that 1GB of data and I would also get more than $500 of calls which I don't need at all.

My eyes sparkled when I stumbled across 3 (three) shop. They had a lovely INQ 3G capable phone on offer for measly $29/month. A quick chat with the teenage sales representative there revealed that the phone was included in the cap... what a beauty. Okay, sign me up I said to the sales chick. She asked me a set of standard questions:
  • What's your name? Address?
  • Employer and employment status?
  • Credit cards?
  • ...
The application started processing information and it spat out "DECLINED!" after about 15 seconds. My face droped... I was about to scream WTF, why can't I even get a puny fucking phone account?! The teenager printed a piece of paper with a reference number and advised me that there must be something wrong with my credit history, like I've defaulted on a loan or didn't pay my bills.

I called the credit reporting agency from the basement carpark and nearly ended in tears. Why can't someone who has always paid her bills on time, has a regular full time job and earns shitloads of money get a simple mobile phone account? This is beyond me but it's the way it is in Australia.

The helpful lady from Veda Advantage said she'll dispatch my comprehensive credit file, basically everything they have on me, right away. And sure enough, when I arrived home an email was waiting for me. With trembling hands I opened the PDF file and entered the password - I expected horrible data to jump into my face, telling me that I am a financial wreck indebted to my eyeballs. I actually thought that someone must have stolen my identity and abused it because I'm the new generation and use internet so much.

The document revealed nothing special... they had the details on me and they were accurate including my residential history. There was info about where I currently lived, that I had a credit card with this and that bank and what the limit was, there's also info about the mortgage enquiry that we made in November, an enquiry from the electricity company and that was about it. No outstanding loans, no defaults and no unpaid bills. I thought having a credit card was building my credit history but as it turns out, that isn't nearly helpful enough because any dickhead these days has one. To have a "good" history you must be quite seriously indebted or at least must have been in the recent past, e.g. have had a proper big loan taken out in your name.

So I rang Three again and asked them to explain exactly why I was rejected... the answer was quite suprising and I reckon is one they have "in stock" for cases when the rating is simply too low - we weren't able to verify your employment. So I gave them my managers phone number, company details and sent them my last four payslips via email. I haven't heard from them since and I lost the will to call them back because people employed at that call centre probably deal with ex-bankrupt people and people who have actually defaulted on their loans on a daily basis, hence they put everyone (myself included) in the same basket - that is, a basket of financially irresponsible or perhaps even fraudulent people and by all means I don't want to have anything to do with such people.

[ be continued.]

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Peter pravi ...

Well apparently you are financially irresponsible, you never borrowed a shitload of money!

verbatim pravi ...

Sorry for my comment in Slovenian language.

Če jaz pravim razumem iz tvojih dosedanjih sporočil, torej v Avstraliji država o vsakem prebivalcu izdeluje eno veliko datoteko o vsem pomembnem v tvojem življenju, do katere imajo potem vsi po vrsti dostop in ki vpliva na ogromno življenjskih odločitev, tudi popolnoma banalnih, kot je nakup mobitela?

Rudi pravi ...

Moj odgovor: DA . Ampak ta kartoteka vsebuje samo financne podatke, ne naprimer kaksnih zdravstvenih ali kaj takega.
Naprimer, moj sodelavec je defaultnal (po domace, ni odpacal kredita) in sedaj ne more vec dobiti od banke nobenega kredita, lahko ga dobi samo na sekundarnem trgu, kjer so pa obresti zaradi rizika like skoraj 2X vecje.

kaalen pravi ...

Verbatim, ni panike glede slovenscine - na tem blogu velja freedom of speach :-)

Popravek je samo tole: Ne da drzava vodi podatke o tvoji financni zgodovini, pac pa to pocnejo privatne (komercialne) firme. Ena taka je Veda Advantage, druga pa nek "bradsten & dunst" ali nekaj podobnega.

Naceloma ta kredit history vpliva na tvojo zmoznost pridobitve kredita.... kredit je tukaj vse: od tega da pohistvo odplacas na obroke, da kupis avto, da kupis hiso, da dobis kreditno kartico, do tega da lahko vzames narocniski paket za telefon. Bolj kot si zapufan vec veljas, vazno je samo da te kredite redno odplacujes... ironija pa je ravno v tem, da bolj kot si zapufan manj je verjetno da bos vse odplacal v roku. Kaj ce zgubis sluzbo itd? Ce pa se nikoli nisi vzel kredita pa si kot nepopisan list... cisto na istem kot tisti ki so ze zajebali.

verbatim pravi ...

Rudi, saj samo finančne podatke sem imel v mislih. Torej so v Evropi veliko bolj prizanesljivi do ljudi v težavah.

Ne da drzava vodi podatke o tvoji financni zgodovini, pac pa to pocnejo privatne (komercialne) firme.

To je še potem toliko slabše, ker so podatki za seveda primerno ceno na voljo vsem.

Rudi pravi ...

da, seveda se mores strinjati s tem. Ce se ne, pac ne dobis kredita, simpl as that. In meni se to kar prav zdi. Ce si financno discipliniran in imas dober kredit history, bos dobil zelo ugodne kredite brez problema.