nedelja, 17. avgust 2008

Bike dayz

Finally, I bought my new motorcycle, Z750 (naked version) and started enjoining rides around Queensland and especially Gold Coast hinterland.

Driving around Brisbane and QLD is in my opinion much safer and enjoyable than in Slovenia. Almost everybody respects road rules, you must only be aware of a clumsy drivers and of course - copers, heaps of them around with speed cameras. I already scored 2 speeding tickets and I am a proud owner of 4 demerit points (out of 12) . Oh, and not to forget, parking motorcycles on walkways, on front of the shops, etc. is NOT allowed (only in QLD) , you can park motorcycle only on areas where car parking is allowed (in CBD bike only park spots are also available).

Two weeks ago I met another Slovenian biker, who is living almost across the street from us. He is driving new Suzuki GSX r 650 and he had bikes, like me, almost his entire life so we had to do a test run to Mt. Tambourine. Surprisingly there was a lot of traffic on the road and on the top of the mountain we encountered a traffic jam.

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