petek, 13. junij 2008

Kitchen on fire

Ability to screw up several things at once.

I was working intensively this morning: updating the callout project, solving support requests and negotiating tech specs. I got hungry and decided to make myself some fried eggs. The bloody ceramic stove wouldn't heat up quickly, so I left the pan on it and went to reply to an e-mail from my co-worker. The smoke alarm started beeping loudly as hell, I turned around and saw a pan on the stove on fire with flames nearly reaching the ceiling and licking the kitchen cabinets. Holly crap! I rushed into the kitchen and didn't know what the fuck to do in panic. Should I pour some water over the pan, should I throw the pan out through the door, should I throw a tea towel on the pan or what... just scream for help and wait for the fire brigade to arrive at the scene of a burnt down house. I grabbed the pan, pulled it of the stove and luckily the flames died out in a few seconds. Alarm was still beeping and it alerted the neighbours. I was spitting out all sorts of swear word while trying to shut the thing off. No casualties.

Kitchen was left in a mess, cabinets covered with thick black ashes. I started scrubbing rigorously and luckily surfaces were undamaged beneath the ashes. However, I spent about an hour cleaning. Thank god for the smoke alarms.

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Rudi pravi ...

Thats why i will implement some risk management strategies:

1. we're buying a microwave
2. i am filling fridge with instant food
3. we're getting fire extinguisher